Construction Groundwater Dewatering Well Point Systems

Bone Dry Dewatering’s well point system was introduced into the construction groundwater dewatering (removal) industry by John Schofield. The system is designed to eliminate many of the problems commonly associated with groundwater dewatering well point equipment. While groundwater dewatering equipment (pumps, systems, etc.) have become larger, more expensive, and more complicated, we have a system that we believe will get the water out of the ground as efficiently and cost effectively as possible.

The system utilizes different types of swings, with the particular type recommended on a per-job basis. We offer standard ball valve swings and a valveless swing. Both offer extremely flexible swing hose and a universal grommet for virtually leak proof connections. The taper on the fittings, combined with the pliable universal grommet insures a positive seal on the header and riser to eliminate air leakage. The low profile header plug is tamper proof, but can be easily removed with a Philip screwdriver.

For maximum efficiency we recommend our PVC siphon well option for the conventional PVC well point. The siphon well has a draw down tube inside a conventional well point which extends to the bottom of the well point.  The siphon well has an improved efficiency over the conventional well point in all soil conditions.  However, it is especially effective with a longer than standard well point length in stratified soils, because the large screen area allows water to migrate more quickly (both horizontally and vertically) to the pick-up point at its base of the well point. As a result, often, fewer siphon wells are required to dewater an area than conventional wellpoints.  Siphon wells are custom made and can be manufactured to any length required for any project.