Siphon Well option to Well Points for Groundwater Dewatering



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Available in various custom sizes with a choice of 0.006 to 0.500 slots

3/4″ Siphon Adapters are also available upon request

1.5” X 20’ w/3’ screen

1.5” X 20’ w/4′ screen

1.5” X 15’ w/5’ screen

1.5” X 20’ w/10’ screen

1.5” X 30’ w/10’ screen

1.5” X 30’ w/20’ screen

1.5” X 40’ w/20’ screen

  • Siphon wells are the most efficient accessory to add to any well point and are effective in all types of soils
  • The only way to well point layered soils, silts, clays, etc., with confining layers
  • Most fool proof way to dewater groundwater with wellpoints
  • Adaptable with Self Jetting well points cut installation time, labor and cost in half
  • Self-Clearing Inter-flow Siphon Pipe picks up water from the bottom of the well point screen to prevent air intake
  • Installs just like a standard well point
  • Detachable rigid core Inter-flow Pipe gives you the ability to unclog and flush screens without turning the pump off or loosing suction
  • Vacuum receiver design – actually draws water by creating additional vacuum
  • Don’t get fooled by a “INNER TUBE” design!
  • Custom lengths available for your specific dewatering project